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The Parable of the Bookshop owner

There was once a man who owned a bookshop. 

He had 2 ladies working for him.

One was an honest worker. 

The other would steal money from the till, whenever she got the chance, and was alone there by herself.

Then the owner sold his shop, and the two sales-girls went along, with the purchase.

The new owner caught the girl stealing, and he blamed the previous owner for passing on a bad worker to him.

He sacked her, and he asked the previous owner for compensation.

Questions for the reader:

What was going on here?

Are we responsible for all our actions, as well as for other’s actions too, like in this case?

Are we only responsible for our own actions, or can we be responsible for other’s actions, sometimes too?

My own thoughts about this:

I think that we indeed are responsible for our own actions, and that we are partly responsible for all actions connecting to us through others too.

What does connecting to us mean here?

It means secondary actions, traceable back to our own non-actions, when action should have been carried out by ourselves, but wasn’t.

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Written by The Dunce

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