The Last Conversation: “Are you going to help me walk again?”

In 1999, I vividly remember the last conversation of grandmother. She is my father’s aunt who never got married. During her youth days, she was powerful in her words to the people close to her heart. A strict person that controls the lives of people because of money. There are a lot of people who dislike her persona. However, people changed when they are in a state of being weak.

My grandmother lost her power when physical strength deteriorates and resulted in being a bedridden soul. I must say she had changed and felt defeated during that time. She cannot able to stand up and asking for help to walk again. I was a student way back then and taking up BS Physical Therapy. I was an intern and about to graduate at that year.

Before she died, my grandmother and I had so many unforgettable conversations. The last statement she said, “Are you going to help me we walk again?” With such statement, it is haunting my senses with a simple question. Don’t get me wrong with the idea of not answering her back. Well, I did promise to let her walk again. However, the real truth is not possible for her to be in ambulation. The atrophied limbs and weaknesses are the sign of poor prognosis. It is a part of aging process.

I had committed a white lie during that time. You cannot blame me. Sometimes we need to be in such situation to give hope. I wanted her to cling to something despite being bedridden. I had sensible conversations with her. She had some sentiments in her life and realized to be hopeful.

After a few months, she passed away while having my internship in the capital of my country. I am sure she is at peace with the Lord above and felt the love of her loved ones. I can still remember the way we had bonded before. I imagined that she is walking on her own in heaven and walking along with my late father.


What do you think?

Written by Steven Gamboa


  1. My Mom wanted to walk. We lifted her and carried her down the hall and she tried to move her legs. She said in a very loud voice “I am walking, I am walking on air.” She passed two days later.