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Technology: We Should Not Lose Sight of Ourselves

Life is too short to ignore people who matter in our lives. I don’t think we would want to arrive at a point where we regret we never spent quality time with a deceased.

I happened to read a Virily post whereby the author insists the need not to be too consumed with electronic gadgets by becoming so obsessed with them, we don’t spend quality time with those that matters.

Technology is good but should be used moderately. In life, we should tend to balance things because we’re becoming more disoriented in many aspects of our lives.

This is the case with talking to a person who is busy with their phone. It kinds feel like…

Here is the link to that article: 

Are we free nowadays?


What do you think?

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  1. ok so let’s throw this out.

    First, anyone that rejects humans for technology has a different issue than technology.

    we have so many fake people, who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to say and do as they please, and that is a huge issue.

    We have many people who are using technology to do things, we couldn’t do before. Ask a blind person able to navigate much of Tokoyo now because of the IBM system for the blind.

    Technology is not the problem. There were anti-social people before the internet. They just didn’t impact as many people then.

    • True, technology is not to be blamed. I’m grateful for the advancement of technology. The problem always lies with human beings. They misuse, abuse and take advantage of technology for their own benefit.
      Also, knowing there is a time for everything.


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