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A Soliloquy of Magnetic Dreams

Different stages in our lifetime adapt to a mindset we seem to prequel as we move with time, social mentality, the flavor of the month and algorithms that provoke ongoing questions we never appear to qualify. We place day to day jargon in our mastery of the highlights that surround us at the time of individual events, milestones, and eye-opening circumstances that kick-start that inner voice we tend to ignore on a daily basis. We are brainwashed emotionally and unethically of the bazaar keynotes that greet us as we fail to recognize their underpinning factors or worse misunderstand the truth of what seems to be happening in the world.
We carry with sentiment as each of us stems from an offset of different pathways that somehow all meet at a local meeting point as we meet and greet unknowingly even though our worlds apart find ethos as we rub a stranger’s arm. I call it the navigation of pragmatic consequences that deem our uniqueness, although somewhat original, yet somewhat relatable as we connect through each and everyone’s story of life experience, lessons learned and new dreams. We are unwittingly swayed to integrate this knowledge as we reform in different stages unknowingly shaping our future and fate.
I am a strong believer that every person on earth plays a pivotal role in the direction of our world and our universe as there are no rules that define juxtaposition or imperial evidence the future that awaits. Truth is although many would disagree our creation and destination are shaped by the energy we are attracted to – a laser of light that impounds majestically within us, some call it our soul. I believe our soul lights our path and it carries us as we re-energize its strength to stay alive and bountiful towards each significant leap during our short stay on earth.
We can trace our ancestors, and historical footsteps as the philosophers of the world recreate heaven on earth or wisdom and soul purpose as each of us believe in our chosen miracles we decide to surrender our heart and soul emphasizing our very existence as the reason we walk on this earth.
We can recruit, teach, develop, lead, and opt to fly, but to genuinely claim a sound understanding of the magnetic fields we are magnified by as we each follow a direction created by choice to support ourselves. I have so much to say yet few will ever grasp the depth of the reality that question who we are. It’s not even about religion, the universe or the choice to be a quiescent soul.
It’s about the way we all fit in and shapes our world and the energy we leave as we all meet with that one single guarantee in life – the day we close our eyes. We have set footprints on the moon and created harvest on earth. We embraced history and embarked on innovation yielding the power we tend on being governed. We are somewhat a generational lesson as knowledge empowers the next generation of men, women, and children that become the elite key influences of life. We are a simple race as the notes of laziness to think, the effort to build and rebuild, let alone create as our insecurities overrule the truth of who we are.
Some will drive their energy to be the best they can be, and others will host on manifestation as empaths find their soliloquy. The Devine wisdom of the past finds its place in our plight to repair the diversion set upon modern challenges and the growth of greed. One thing we know is that the choices of our methodology recreated by each of us will always determine the gift only recognized by those who find that energy as they feel their uniqueness in this world and our time we are here.
Believe in your aspirations don’t stop now. You can be whoever you choose to be, just make sure you do it from the heart. Empowering your senses to challenge your ethics is the start of a journey that only you will ever have the power to make a difference in your destination and the legacy you leave.


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Written by Jasmina Siderovski