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Shut up About Politics


Oh, Carol DM , I couldn’t help it. This song reminded me of you. I think you would be much too kind and thoughtful to ever sing or maybe even listen to this song. Still, I thought I bet she would silently agree with this song. (I could be totally wrong.)

I found the song refreshing and raw. I find that politics is often a topic of conversation and the two men I live with follow it closely and ask me questions all the time. Sometimes I think it would be fabulous just to sing this loudly.

I did go download the song because all proceeds go to The Folded Flag Foundation , which I support and believe in. It may be what I listen to today to see if I can get that walker moving more.  Have you heard the song?


What do you think?

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  1. Politics is an interesting topic. I find myself arguing often with the twins. Mostly, trying to get them to understand that both sides think they are always right. Therefore, both sides have to have a little wrong in them!

    It hasn’t stuck so far!


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