She Was Playing This When She Went to Bed


This is not Ghostwriter. She left this open with the song up and went to bed. I will finish it for her.

She has loved writing here and found some great ideas and friends. I  get things mixed up and don’t remember, but I know that Carol will take care of the bluebirds, Doc will take care of everyone, there are lots of names I don’t know but I learned and learned again about all the states.  I will miss wandering with Doc.

She has a hard life. I don’t always know things. I get confused. She has to take care of everything, but sometimes I can cook and do laundry. I am good at ironing. I am sad that she was hurt so bad. I think it’s probably because she is sick.

I know she will finish what she promised with Doc. I don’t think she’ll be back after that. She had to decide herself, but I know I will miss almost everyone here. I hope only you guys can see this because she might get very mad that I typed in her space. 

Oh and I hope what ever is broken gets all fixed up.  all this typing takes a very long time.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


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  1. I will be very sorry if Ghostwriter is leaving Virily – all opinions and attitudes are welcome here, because this online community is a liberal one in which nobody needs to feel ashamed of what they they are, do or say.

    Of course we will not always agree with each other – that is how you get interesting debates and discussions underway – by arguing for what you believe and being prepared to have your prejudices challenged and maybe even changed.

    Let’s hope that the technical issues get fixed soon and that Virily can continue to be the fascinating place that it is.

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