The Toddler Eats Lego: “How to Deal with This?”

Some parents are so comfortable for their children to play toys without guiding them. There are some incidents that playing toys can be dangerous to child’s health. It is not pointing to having chemicals in the creation of toys. This is considered to be the modern hazardous creation for kiddies. It wasn’t always the case. Some children are so curious and an unimaginable situation.

Lego is the best toy for children. It can bring all the imagination while playing with it. But remember, Lego toys are too small and it is important that this can be played according to age. For toddlers, it is better that they will not play with it. Some parents are too serious texting or playing with their mobile phones and let the child play with the boys unattended. The end situation, the parents are freaking out and don’t what to do.

How do deal with engulfing a Lego?

Of course, the first thing to do is don’t panic. Check the breathing pattern of the child and if it is fine, then let the child be at ease as possible. Some children can cry and things will get worse and the parents will panic. After which, it is about time to rush to the hospital and ask help from a doctor. The intervention depends on doctor’s advice.

What should be done?

The best management for this is prevention. Parents should be aware that toddlers are so curious and Legos can be so inviting to eat because of the different colors. They might think as candies. It is better to watch the toddlers while playing these toys. If you have so many things to do, then it is better not to let them play unattended. It is better to be safe than sorry at the end. It can happen just a wink of an eye.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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