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There have been several write for cash websites since 2009 when I started writing online. I had joined several of them. Some were technically superior but didn’t pay their hard working writers, other sites appeared in the sky with the flair of a comet, only to crash and burn out at the most crucial moment. The really great sites were extremely rare in fact, I can only think of one, back in the day. While that site was only being funded by third party ads, they saw fit to share with their writers by giving them, (writers) the lion’s share of the profits, 60%.

Every writer who diligently stuck to their rules were well rewarded. It was a zero tolerance site with regard to the maintenance of better business practices. The average writers regularly cashed in amounts, in excess of $100 per month, I was one of them, (PayPal stats available) Suddenly, their paid admin department grew by 100% and then followed a move to high cost office rent in the city of San Francisco,  and withing a few months, like the Phoenix, they also burned.

While several paying sites are found online, right now, Virily is new, vibrant and trendy, and technically quite good, showing incredible growth potential, particularly in the younger market, this can be seen when glancing through their varied topics. I have great confidence in their winning formula, earning Virils, then cashing them in, via PayPal and Payoneer. for cash.

My video below, reflects Virily’s reward system, which the readers earn while performing the tasks mentioned in the content.


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    • Yes I agree with you, but right now Virily is here, they came from Europe and brought wth them, an opportunity for us. I don’t see anyone from the mighty US of A offering such an unbiased opportunity, or any opportunity for that matter. Virily is a place where you can hone your writing skills, make some friends and earn a few bucks, (they really do pay!)

  1. NOW I like the way this site works, now that I SEE just how they have things set up
    I just joined a few days ago so the more I can find out about this site the MORE I will
    understand & like it more to be here MORE often thanks for the video on here that helps.

      • I didn’t have no issues finding them as that’s the 1st thing
        I look for & try to understand before I get on a site cause I
        don’t want to have any issues with the site & lose my time
        or my money, with as much time I spend on the site I use.

      • since I’ve been on here (a week) this is what I have so far
        current bal 1,788 Virils I have 1,788 so from the looks of
        it all both are the same, so it may take me a while on here to
        make a pay out but what else is new but maybe things will
        pick up on here after awhile.

  2. This is the first substantial post I’ve read since joining Virily and I’m happy to have found the information you’ve shared with us as it’s truly helpful especially for newcomers to the site such as myself.

    • Welcome Crystal! I’m happy the video helped you navigate around the site. At the bottom right hand corner is a photo of Natalie or Branka, they are very serious about making our lives better as writers, I know this to be so, because I’m constantly in discussion with them. Mostly the problem is an Internet one, sometimes the staff are jammed up and at times the problem is on my side.

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