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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

From midnight Tuesday morning until 12:30 am, I heard noises in the hallway and kitchen. Gumby was running and jumping around. I got up to see what he was doing, and he looked like he was chasing a small gray mouse. I saw him catch it, put it in his mouth and carry it around, but then it got loose, and he kept at it, like a cat and mouse game. I turned off the lights and let him do his job because I didn’t want to watch any crime scene murder. So, I don’t know if he killed it yet. But I will find out later when I find a dead mouse somewhere lying on the floor. I decided to go to bed soon after.

The next morning, I woke up early, and I decided to go on the internet to check on things.

I took Gina23’s career quiz on Virily, for fun, to see what I will get. I got “Firefighter,” which isn’t something I have ever aspired to be or even interested in.  But I decided to research and analyze basic duties, which could be similar to something else that fits my skills and interests better.

4 primary responsibilities and duties of a firefighter include:

  1. Put out fires—I have actually done that with my old toaster oven. Never leave your toaster oven unattended. But I was alert and put out the small fire before it got big and burned down my townhouse.
  2. Rescuing and caring for the sick and injured. I do like to take care of animals, especially my pets, as well as saving as many homeless animals as I can. That is why I am currently an Animal Rights Activist on many sites, all over the internet.
  3. Working to prevent future fires? Actually, I have blogged prevention tips to prevent future accidents, false flags, or issues via exposing the truth worldwide as well as blogging about preparing for the worse.
  4. Investigating the sources of fires for different cases, like a CSI Unit. This job requires lots of research and being detail-oriented, in which I am. I have done a lot of research and investigations on the internet to expose the truth as well as to do research for my novels, including blogs and posts, like this one.

Other requirements include:

  1. It can be a part-time job or a 24-hour live in the fire station dormitory job. Hours could be between 9 am to 11 pm, and you will work anytime, including holidays and weekends. You are likely to work even longer hours in order to get the job done. This is actually similar to working on a novel. And, there are even more hours required for working on a graphic novel.
  2. It can be dangerous and risky, sometimes leading to accidental deaths. Sometimes, you might be able to live at home, but be On Call for emergencies and crisis situations. Author/Blogger can be a dangerous and risky career, especially if you are exposing the truth because the internet is filled with Zionist Trolls, Illuminati Crazies, and other such terrorists/war criminals.

My next research and analysis step required doing a more thorough analysis to narrow things down to my skills, background, and interests. So, I went on the career testing site, Sokanu, for a more elaborate career test.

My Results:

Analyzing these descriptions to my own skills and background, more appropriate jobs include a psychologist, sociologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, economist, photojournalist, neuropsychologist, geographer, blogger, industrial-organizational psychologist, pastry chef, cake designer, costume designer, and fashion designer. Other jobs included historian, school psychologist, commercial artist, Illustrator, Multimedia Animator, Photographer, and Film/Video Editor. This internet quiz further analyzed my skills, and it stated that I am considered to be a scholar because I am investigative and conventional. I am good with detail, as I work with ideas and data. I am orderly and organized in order to create structure. I am also artistic. I looked up the salary for blogger, and the average full-time salary is only $5 to $8 per hour, which isn’t much.  An author can make around $13 per hour. Photojournalist pays around $15 per hour. Other jobs pay well, but they aren’t easy to get or even find. These jobs all fit me better because I have a BA is in Social Science, I have an exec MBA, and a Graphic Design certificate.

That was fun!


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