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Quote Challenge #1 – Friendship needs to be nurtured

As soon as I was nominated I knew what my first quotes would be about. We choose our friends more consciously than anything else in our lives. We choose each other because of what we are, how we think, act and react. True friends do not judge us and do not condemn us, neither do we, nor them. They always have a ready shoulder for our cursed face. They can always tell us objectively when we break it, even if we are going to get angry with them and accuse them of why they are not on our side. We build friendship then,

• when we share good and bad with others,

• We are faithful, honest and build mutual trust,

• We help each other and we do not expect anything in return,

• we are openly talking about problems and resolving them together.

But how ever do we have such friends? Who will respond to your call for help? I changed my mind and came to the conclusion that I only have two really good friends. Many people think friendship happens, but that’s not true. If we ask them about friends we list people with whom they are “friends” on social networks.

Forming friendship ties is a much more complex and comprehensive area than you would think when we meet someone and somehow we ‘feel’ among ourselves through the stage of getting to know and adapting to the stage of friendship. It is still difficult to define which element, in the case of a new friend, draws us to call him ‘best’ friend. True friends do not belong to us, but they can remind us critically and constructively when we break it. They also allow us to remember them when they break it.

My friends are extremely important to me, they also give me the opportunity for personal growth. True friends love us exactly as we are. I think rich people are those who have some real friends who are with us in good and bad, no matter what and what we are, what we do and what we do not have. If we do not nurture our friendships, they will die, the individual in his grief does not have anyone whom you can trust or offer him a warm friendly embrace.

That’s all for the first day of Challenge. I hope I justified trust, that Zaklina Maca Miljkovic who nominated me, had. Thank you, my friend  ?


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