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Piute County Sheriff rescues a man trapped on top of his auto

A male driver whose name was not released is very thankful that Piute County (Utah) Sheriff Marty Gleaves is one law enforcement officer who is very creative in performing rescues of persons who are in need of his help to get out of trouble.

The male driver was on state highway 89 on Friday evening near midnight when he lost control of his auto and he managed to crash his auto into the Sevier River.

The driver managed to get out of his auto and get on top of the roof of his auto without a cellphone to ask someone for help at the time of the accident.

However despite many attempts by other bystanders to attempt to rescue the driver who was on top of his roof which failed, Piute County Sheriff Marty Gleaves was in the area on Saturday morning when he saw that his services were needed to rescue the driver who spent the overnight hours on top of his auto  trapped since the severity of the river was too rough for the driver to attempt to swim to shore.

Sheriff Gleaves did not have any of his equipment to make a rescue of the driver who was trapped on top of his auto that was trapped in the river. What Sheriff Gleaves did was to use his expertise in using a lasso to have it connect to the waist of the driver.

The driver then placed the rope around his waist as the sheriff dragged the stranded driver from the top of the roof of his auto to make it to shore safe and sound.

The driver of the auto was then taken to a local hospital to be treated for hypothermia before he was released from the hospital after a few hours.

It goes to show you that sheriff’s who work and live in areas like the country sides of our nation are resourceful in executing rescues by using their skills that they use in rodeo competitions.   


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