One Way Love

I admit, from my first sentence that I disliked her intensely.  I could list her faults, which she would not dispute; from her foul language to bad temper, but here, in the privacy of my room, I will be honest.

I disliked her because he loved her.

It would sound so reasonable if I could list an intricate past, a relationship of sweet words I shared with him, of magic moments, and passion. But that would be a lie.

I fell in love with him when I was a school girl. Just as a school girl could become enamoured by a character on a television serial, I with him. I loved him based on fantasy, not fact. A love, totally one sided, for a person never met, and unknown.

If I were a school girl panting over the foot ball star, it would be less ridiculous than I, a grown woman, who had virtually invented this man in my mind. This man, who was married to her, when I finally met him.

Of all the misfortunes that have befell in life, none equal this.


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Written by jaylar

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