Numerology: Six and Five

Numbers all have their own special meaning, especially the numbers 1 through 12. In this post I will be discussing two numbers, six and five, their meanings, and how they interplay together to create the world.

Five is the number of life. A pentagram has interior angles of 108 degrees, another number denoting life. It also creates a phi ratio. The Pentagram is the shape of life. Venus’ orbit creates a pentagram in it’s dance with the Earth.

Six is the number of structure. It is all about straight lines and rigidity. Think of a beehive with it’s connected hexagons.

The hexagon and pentagon interplay to create our world. Structure and life. This can be seen in the pattern of a soccer ball, with it’s interconnected hexagons and pentagons. Jeffery Weeks, a mathematician who studies WMAP data, says this is the shape of the universe. There is astronomical data supporting this theory. An interplay of hexagons and pentagons can be found the interlocking molecules of our DNA. But what is the reconciliation of six over five? In sacred geometry, a hexagon over a pentagon creates the Vesica Piscis, the sacred womb of life.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild