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My father died. He was prepared and wanted to go for a long time, but it’s hard. It’s even harder for me because he wanted to be independent and live over 300 miles away from us. He was here for Christmas.  He rarely calls. He does his church stuff and that is his, oh was his whole life. Bro said I needed to sit down and write or I would never be okay.  He passed away 10 days ago, they are estimating. They finally went in because he hadn’t picked up his mail. We call him every day and leave messages and he returns the call about every two weeks.  It’s been about an hour that I have known. I guess you don’t “feel” a loss when they actually die.  I am numb.

I kept crying and Bro yelled “so write about it. That might help you. You have to stop crying.”

He doesn’t need this stress on top of everything else.

I’m lost.

I did what he asked.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. My heart breaks for you. So sorry I am just reading this. You know you can message me any time. I can listen if nothing else. Remember the good times. Hugs to you my friend. Remember, those we love and lose never go away, they are now wherever we are.

  2. Virtual hugs to you. So sorry for the loss of your father. I lost mine at 10 and I have missed him all my life. I am sorry you did not get to see him again. All my blessings and prayers to you. Our fathers never leave us but stay around to watch over us. If you can find a nice photo of your father, prop it up, and light a candle. I greatly helps to reflect.


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