Not Sure Where to Go From Here

My morning began really happy and then I got two private messages and I am really not sure where to go from here.  One said go #$$%$# yourself, but used the actual word and the ohter said why are you so selfish? I honestly don’t think I have been being selfish. However, I decide to take the time to learn about selfishness. Maybe I just don’t understand the term and I am really selfish!

Here are some things that I found about the traits of selfish people.

~ Selfish people are manipulators

~ Selfish people are scared to take risks

~ Selfish people are conceited and self-centered.

~ Selfish people do not listen to those who do not agree with them.

~ Selfish people do not show weakness or vulnerability.

~Selfish people are uncaring and also neglectful.

It seems to me if someone perceives me to be this way, I need to make some changes.  I really don’t know where to begin. So if you have any feed back and do it without swearing at me, please leave it in comments and I will try to be more selfless.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


    • I am not sure. I would hate to think that I am sending out those kind of messages. I am looking inward right now to see if there is any reason one might feel this way.

  1. Hmm … it depends on how the person define “selfish” … just because I was too busy or have little knowledge to help you, doesn’t makes me selfish …

    You maybe a little straightforward, I don’t really seeing you doing selfish things here …
    and hmm … it’s the internet, you can’t do real harm …

  2. Here is the rule I live by. If I only know you online, then I pretty much try to help you, if you are rude I walk away.

    1. You’ve never been rude to me.

    I also live by the rule of looking inward before I tell someone else what they are doing wrong.

    2. I don’t see you doing anything wrong.

    So I guess my comments are, I don’t see the complaint.

      • I would tell you, but in the very statement you’ve just made, you have the solution and the evolution. Walk away when you are angry. There are many people here on Virily that are aggressive because, well they are hiding behind their keyboard.