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The concept of instrumentation is one that most of us understand. We watch speedometers, look at cellular devices and use instruments all the time. At some point, we don’t think about what we are using and where that data originated. I understand that most people don’t have a seismograph in their home. Frankly, I wouldn’t either, except that less than a year after moving to Maryland we had a fairly large Earthquake and it scared me a little. I decided that having my own would be a great addition to the house. Plus it is fun to see how much a quake in Costa Rica impacts the ground under my feet.

At this point in my life, I don’t have any illusions about if I am or have been a geek. I do truly understand that not everyone seeks information as much as I do.

Understanding that I am often beyond the curve, I still think more and more people will be adding some of the things I use to their homes. The value of home automation is that no matter what you can make your home look lived in, no matter where you are. The integration and instrumentation of your house also help you understand what is going on. From the quality of the air in your house to the noise level you are dealing with!

Beyond home automation, and home seismographs, there are some things I believe people are going to add to their lives. Not everyone is a weather geek, but solar powered USB boards is a nice addition. Outside, need to change your phone or in an office with a window? The value of these is pretty easily shown. Being able to add talk time to your phone can make a much better day. I know, because I have over the years run out of power for my phone many more times than I care to even think about.

My job as a geek is to share with everyone. That is the goal of this column, and I hope it helps!


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