Making Circles – 15

As I walked home alone in the dark, at night, I congratulated myself on a my coup of getting Shaun to go out with me.

I also felt let down that he hadn’t tried to kiss me or hold me or… anyway…

I now had to decide where I wanted to go with Shaun. Somewhere kind of private but somewhere interesting. Somewhere I didn’t have to get all dressed up for and make it look like I had a date.

I had to rule out all plays and cultural stuff, rock concerts and places that would be crowded. I realised that if I selected anything that looked like a date my Mother would notice, so had to choose some afternoon something.

I decided on a visit to a particular museum which had important anthropological significance for my class. ¬†This would be Shaun and I alone, which was important. It would not appear to be a date, and second in importance, would take place during the day so that I wouldn’t have to lie about anything.

Except to myself.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar