Luna (tic) University – Part 17

Then the Circus began. First it was a letter from the Lunatic Asylum (the Tranquility University Board) questioning my ‘academic qualifications’  to  manage such an educational institution.

I was going to toss it, but decided to keep it for my archives. I didn’t answer.Then they pressured our local ‘government‘ to pass a law stating that only Tranq U. could certify other educational institutions.

It was a rickety piece of legislation which must have taken a lot of bribes, threats and promises to be passed. I heard of the ‘back story’, blow by blow as I ran a popular bar. I didn’t say a word.

Not when people told me, ‘in confidence’, that T.U. was trying to ‘shut me down’.

Not when I read about it in our daily auxiliary toilet paper.

Not a word. I just nodded.


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Written by jaylar

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