Luna (Tic) University – 1

In small towns or countries, Universities produce a subset of individuals with tenuous connection to reality.

When that connection snaps, the individual receives tenure.

Small towns become University towns where economic activity depends upon the campus. This leads to the Campus Poobah having the influence of the Pope on Rome. In small countries, the University is looked to as a source of enlightenment. Tenured personnel, with their less than tenuous grip on reality, are revered  as ‘experts’.

It is odious, (putting it mildly) to live in a small town where persons incapable of functioning in the real world take sanctuary behind ‘ivy halls’.

It is chaffing, (again, putting it mildly) to live in a small country where buffons who can not gain a real job create academic bailiwicks where they posture and pontificate as their droolings become canon.

And then there is Tranquility University on Luna.


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Written by jaylar

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