Luna (tic) University – Part 10

Sure,T.U. wasn’t the only zoo in the galaxy.

Small countries have cerebral zoos as well. However, Pin Brain University in Dystopia was on Earth. On Earth there were standards. On the Moon, Lunacy ruled. Though English was the ‘UniversalLanguage’ Lunites had, over the decades, created their own slopspeak. I can’t call it that in public or I’d be labeled; ‘anti-lunite’. However, it is not a language, except, of course, at T.U. where it is considered the ‘Native Language’.

As I said before, there are places on Earth where stupidity is endemic. Where standards are low and where persons who graduate a college in those countries need to attend a real institution in others.

Tranquility Base University, or as I call, it Luntic U had extra low standards to create a population of semi-functional morons.

I don’t think those in charge were aiming for that, just a bunch of sheep who wouldn’t question. However, it started going off the rails after about six years.


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