Luna (tic) University – 6

Being a colony isn’t really a bad status if you can get it.

A colony is responsible for very little, the Colonizer is responsible for a lot.

Colonisation is an extended adolescence where you do pretty much what you want and the ‘parents’ pay the bills. It is a good status to keep.

What happens in colonies, however, if you look at history, both Earth and Luna, is that some places grabbed for ‘independence’  long before they were ready or  capable of it.

On Earth, some  Megalomaniac gets the, sheep, (also know as the people) to throw their lives away to get him into power so that he can fill is pockets and those of his friends.

The question you might ask, is what does Tranquility Base Training Center have to do with Independence?

That is because you might not be aware of where it was, how it was, why it was, and what it symbolised to the power mad.


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