Light Behind ~ 365 Photos Challenge #150

Under a dull, starless night sky, I see your sadness. I feel the angst of your heart.

Loneliness undermines your heart. Have made you hide or step. Search for anything sparkling out there or just scratching anxiety. You expect something to come over and pull the width of your heart’s lips to smile. Above the run, slowly steps, and sitting, amidst the laughter of the crowd, under the darkness and the light, the emptiness continued to cling.

Your handkerchief and lapel collar have been wet to wipe the fear, the broken, the anxious, the lost, the heap of hidden anger, and the pain without meaning. Scream does not heal. Even death is unfortunate, but life is also like giving nothing but injuries. Millions of prayers have been thrown up there without an answer. Advice and beautiful words or niceties are no better than ignorance.

Then what shall I tell you? How can I answer your question that comes from a collection of pus pains, “Why is my life like this? Why am I here? What for?”

(I understand your feelings, but I am not the owner of your heart, I do not abide in you, so if you please, let me escort you into the depths of your own heart. May you see the light behind the pain).

I dedicate this writing to a member of our extended family, someone we care about, who is feeling lost the meaning of life at all.

What do you think?

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    • I agree with your opinion, and I have experienced it at least twice during my life. That is good because the situation becomes a “moment of truth” of the “learn to unlearn” process for me. It’s just that I’m sad if a person loses meaning then becomes very pessimistic, fails to rise, and the worst; take extreme decisions.

  1. Well, you have touched the hearts of many here, and I for one have been helped by your posts that are filled with compassion for your fellow man. Thank you! I have been feeling sad, but it helps to know others care.

    • We know that sorrow and sadness are part of our lives, but we can not let that cripple our happiness, do we?
      As you say, we may not be able to help, but compassion and caring may be an additional strength for them to survive and fight.
      Thanks for your support and kind words, my friend

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