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Life in My World

You may be working too hard

 ~when you can’t remember your name,

 ~you don’t have a clue what time zone you live in because you work in three different time zones. 

~Your family asks when the last time you took a shower

~The family doctor calls to offer medication

~ The family asks what’s for dinner and your reply is “what is that?”

~ You realize that your hair has been in the same ponytail for a week and it doesn’t concern you

~ Someone asks you the date and you simply cry because you don’t know it

So, this is my pandemic life now. Of course, there always has to be a bright spot.  Let me think about that one for a moment. Tic toc tic toc tic toc, what was I supposed to be thinking about?

This is really where I am at. One step away from a mental ward! Do they have Coca~Cola there? Maybe that’s the next best step. 


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    • I ended up just heading to bed. This morning my husband pointed out that I have not been eating. Odd that I would simply forget to eat, but I went to the kitchen this morning and the plates he had prepared were just sitting there.

      I am meeting with my doctor on Thursday.

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