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It's Still Guessing Game! Picture Set 2

I am thinking of a word. Each picture is a clue about the word I am thinking of. If you missed the first set of pictures you can find them here. Hopefully, it’s way for us to have some fun, use our brains and do something different. If you think you know the answer please send your guess in a private message stating my guess is!  If nothing else I hope you enjoy the variety of clues and things you will be able to see and hear.

Panda Bears

One thing I find interesting is that Panda Bears have a very boring diet. The panda bear’s diet is almost exclusively bamboo, but they will eat honey, eggs, fish, bananas and oranges when available. That is only six items on the menu. I can't even begin to imagine!

Giraffes have ugly dark toungues!

I suppose there is a very good reason they have a large and ugly tongue. I have not done much research on the matter. I guess I will ask the next time I am at the zoo. 

Jelly fish

So here are some interesting jelly fish facts.

~ some are immortal!

~ some glow in the dark

~ some have no tentacles

So do you know the word I am thinking of yet?

There will be more pictures if needed. If you have a guess message me and let me know!

What do you think?

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  1. The only thing that comes to my mind is that you are sticking your tongue (just like a giraffe) at us for not being able to guess and feel (just like a jellyfish) how bored (just like the panda’s boring diet) you are… Sorry but that is how I see it…

  2. Nope, no idea at the moment. What I have noticed is that panda bears usually look like they are stuffed animals not real. I bet if you placed a bunch of stuffed pandas around 2 live pandas unless they moved you could not tell where the live ones were.

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