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Is the road to the top difficult?

Elderly people often tell the younger that the experience is the best teacher. But our most valuable lessons we learn after passing through some difficulty. They are also those who remain the most clearly sealed in our minds

7 important life lessons we learn on the difficult path to success

Failure can not knock you down – if it does, it’s just because you let it go. And success must not be taken for granted. When you do, you have to keep working hard to keep it.

2. What pulls you back is you yourself.

Envy, anger, regrets, excuses – these things drank your energy and prevent you from developing.

3. Nothing is impossible.

When the world gives us pessimism and doubts, it is not easy to continue to think positively. But you will only emerge if you believe in your own abilities.

4. The road to success and the road to failure are often the same.

Sometimes it may seem to you that you are facing any difficulty, and the others go on water. The truth is that only our choices determine how we will move and how far we will get.

5. Success is the point of intersection between preparation and opportunity.

Are you waiting for someone to knock on your door and give you a briefcase of 1 million leva? You have to wait. All good in your life can happen thanks to you. Opportunities sometimes have to be created.

6. If you are not willing to risk your comfort, you will have to settle for the usual.

Taking risks shows confidence. You will not achieve your dreams if you play safe.

7. Do not let the fear of losing take the edge over the happiness of victory.

The enthusiasm for success must be greater than the worries of possible failure. Only in this way will you be able to focus on important steps towards your goals.

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  1. I do love what you wrote. I don’t really believe that anything is possible, and I still hope that most things are. There are some things that just cannot be changed. As much as I want to be 6 feet tall, I am never going to be there. I can get some stilts and have it for a moment though. Moments are important.

  2. Great lesson, my friend. Although my time to talk about success, both as a speaker and a practitioner has passed. Still, I am often asked for advice about it, then what I always remind is “We have to do it with love and wisely with life because we have many aspects of life that must be considered simultaneously and integral”.