Irony has a Place

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There is a time and a place for every kind of humor. Irony or sarcasm seems obvious to some in the quote above and others may not understand it at all. Depending on the audience it can be a very effective communication tool. What are some clarifying questions to examine before you choose irony as your statement.

1. Is there a language barrier that might make it hard to understand or appreciate?

2. Would it be considered politically correct for your audience and is that important to you?

3. Is it the most effective way to make your point with your current audience?

4. Is it mean spirited?

What I am most interested in learning is what your impression of the meaning of this quote. Do you agree with it and what do you think it means? Can we learn something from each other in comment or is this another solo journey?


What do you think?


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  1. There are some points that can be understood well in sarcasm. About the message, what I got about it is that, we want to get out of trouble as quickly as we can that’s why the tendency is think of way out which somehow sometimes bring us into a deeper trouble.

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