Increasing Your Vocabulary: Ubiquitous

The term ‘ubiquitous‘ is a word that is fairly commonly used, yet many people don’t know what it means. That includes quite a few people who use the word.

Ubiquitous is pronounced “you-BICK-wi-tus” and it has been around for a long time. It is based on the word “ubiquity”, which has been used in writing since at least the 1500’s.

Both ubiquitous and ubiquity are from the Latin word “ubique”. Ubique means “everywhere”.

Ubiquitous means ‘being found everywhere or in many places at the same time’. It could be used like this: “The snowstorm was huge and covered the entire state with snow and ice. The snow was ubiquitous, covering everything; mountains, valleys, buildings, homes, treetops, the ground, roads, and the tops of cars.”

The term is also used sarcastically, to mean the exact opposite. For instance, “The war had been going on for over a thousand years, but with the new cease-fire, the good-will was ubiquitous.” The sarcastic meaning would be that after battling for so long, the cease-fire wasn’t hopeful and there wasn’t much good-will between the warring factions.

Ubiquitous is a word that is used fairly often and the meaning isn’t hard to understand. Perhaps you already use the term and know what it means?


What do you think?

Written by Rex Trulove