Increasing Your Vocabulary: Meretricious

Meretricious is a word that is usable and it describes something that most of us have encountered in day to day life. This makes ‘meretricious’ a good word to add to our vocabularies.

The word is an adjective and is pronounced “mare-eh-TRISH-us” and the definition of the word is offensive insincerity, flashy or vulgar attention, or based on deception. Many of the so-called “pick up lines” that some men use on women are meretricious. So are some comments made on the streets when a pretty girl walks by.

This word has a Latin origin. The Latin word is meretricius and it means ‘pertaining to prostitutes or harlots’. It has also been in use since the 1620’s, so it is definitely not a modern term. The modern term usage simply isn’t gender-specific. The word is most commonly used today in relation to its offensive insincerity meaning.

There are enough examples of meretricious behavior in current times that this could be a valuable word to add to your vocabulary.

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Written by Rex Trulove

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