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I'm Lost

It happened once before. I looked in the mirror and I could see nothing. I hope it’s just that my eyes are swollen shut, but maybe not. 

I remember when life was simple. Perhaps now it is simple as well. I guess the key is the same I need to listen with my heart.

I just don’t know where to go from here. Once you have become a burden choice becomes very slim.  You think about what is best for your family and you realize that you are not part of that equation. Their needs are better made with you out of the picture. There’s a strange calmness that comes with that knowledge. Calm, I finally feel calm. 

It’s time to take that long walk alone. Enjoy the music. Happy Easter.


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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I have to admit I have thought about this recently. But, you have to ask yourself. What would they think? I was thinking about, what if we are the verge of a total financial collapse? Would I be a burden? If I got the virus, am I now a burden?
    I would be one of the ones they did not give a ventilator to, due to my age and other health problems.
    I know your family would argue against you being a burden as would mine.

    • My brother often says “I’m sorry to bother you.” The other day I finally yelled, “Well, then stop hiding behind doors and jumping out at me.”

      He said, “Oh I can’t stop that its my only entertainment.”

      I think that was a good conversation. (my expectations of good have changed a lot.)

      • lol, sounds like my son. Just yesterday he had rode his bike to the store. About 15 minutes later as I am sitting at my computer in my room that opens out into the back yard. He quietly came in the back gate, and opened the sliding glass door really fast and poked his head in and yelled. HELLO! I screamed and jumped. He said, boy that’s the best fun I’ve had all week. I replied with a straight face, you’re welcome…

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