I totally disagree…

and respect your right, at least granted in this country, to share your opposing views. What with this world be like if we all believed the same thing? Would it be Utopia or would all exploration, learning and questioning stop?

Could we grow change and learn without opposing views? I don’t believe so. Discussions of reasonable people can and often do change opinions. Humans grow, change and learn. We create new patterns of behavior. Some become more tolerant, others more rigid.

My father asked me a question when I was very young. “Are you strong enough to hold your head high and stand alone?” It is something that I often think about. In this world I often find myself standing alone on issues. I have come to realize that I think differently than most.

Some things are not wrong or right, they just are.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I’m right there with you I can relate to just what your saying
    I’m the same way when I have something to write about or say
    I have to wonder is it really worth the time if I’m alone on the
    subject or does people really care what I think or feel? so that’s
    why it takes me a bit to come up with something GOOD that
    EVERYONE would like to take part in.

    • Never be afraid to be “you”. We only learn from others when they are willing to dig down deep and teach us. It’s okay if you are the only one who feels a certain way, you may be the only one with the right answer to share.

      • Hmm… that’s right!! Especially the part about learning from someone who put in the effort to dig down deep…

        Eventually, it’s about having the courage to stand up for what you believe… even if others don’t agree, just do what you believe, and bear the consequences (of any)… COurage is the key I believe

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