I have the right to forgive myself. Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump said on allegations of alleged interference in Russian elections that he has the right to forgive himself.

In a tweet of social contact website, Donald Trump rejected the charge of interrupting Russian interference in United states elections and said that according to various legal experts, I have come to forgive myself in any crime. I have to do but why will I do that when I have not done anything wrong?

Earlier, Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Juliani also said in a statement that under the Donald Trump, the President has the power to forgive himself, but my motives will not do so.

Investigation of this case is going in a special council. The letter written to the special council, who investigated intervention in President’s presidential election, has appeared in the New York Times. In which he mentioned the option to utilize the power to eliminate any of the research as being the legal head of the country, which was being asserted that in the mentioned case, the US President should forgive himself using his special authority.

Clearly, in the US, the presidential election results in the US in 2016 appeared to be the effect of Russia’s influence, but the Donald Trump has dismissed Russia’s allegedly impractical allegations in the presidential election, to investigate the allegations. For the special council headed by Robert Muller was formed.

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