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I am Personally Devistated

After 304 days of making my goals, today I did not. I failed. The goals was “Today I am going to ride with the tide.” I am actually crying. I was truly hopeful I could make it  year. Today was the perfect storm and I let me emotions take over and say what I believed with all my heart needed to be said. My reward was that I failed. I couldn’t keep my goals even for one year. The good news is that you won’t hear me talking about them any longer. It’s over.

I do hope that something I said today was worth losing 304 days of commitment. I think it’s probably time, even though it’s only 3:36pm where I am, to take a good book, a Valium, and read until I drift into what I hope to be a deep sleep. I hope that heals me in some what.

I wish I had been brave enough just to keep my mouth shut and ride with the tide. Crying over spilled milk has never accomplished anything. I hope you have a good night and many more happy days.

This is Ghost Writer over and out.

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  1. 304 and 1.
    You can get back on the horse. I know, it is hard when we do not reach out goals. It is painful but your posts help all of us stay focused.

    plus, if you were a rodeo bull rider, wouldn’t a 304 and 1 record be pretty darn good?

  2. You don’t mean you are leaving this site! I understand what it means to fail to accomplish a goal. But, you shouldn’t give up. Failure isn’t an indication it’s never possible.
    Like Rasma, I’m also a struggling writer. I write for different sites to make a living.

  3. Now, what in the world does all this mean? Surely you are not giving up on everything. I can tell you I have been struggling as a poor writer trying to make ends meet all year long. I have my up days and my down days but if I were to stop, to give up on it all then I would have nothing. I say keep the faith, dust off the failure, and keep on truckin’

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