How important is money in your life?

People say that the most important entity in human life is Love. But I feel having an adequate amount of MONEY which is important for survival is the most important entity in life.

All relationships turn sour and things become unmanageable if the finances are unsupportive. Nothing disturbs more than an empty pocket and pending bills. The problem becomes more intense when you have a family to take care of.

If a person has enough money so as to take care of all his expenses then life would be smooth and easy going. Lack of money is the biggest source of stress.

What do you think?

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  1. Money is the carbon dioxide of life. Too little ,plants won’t grow you will not get food. Too much and you suffocate to death. The too little will kill you slowly ,but too much is a much faster killer. Rich nations generate most of the carbon dioxide ,but force the poor to be stingy.

  2. Well, money is very important indeed!
    With the money, we can buy food, even though we can’t buy an appetite. We can buy a bed of gold but can’t buy a good night’s sleep.
    A friend who is a tycoon once said, “I have a lot of luxury homes, but none of them make me feel at home, another friend – celebrity, a famous actor said, “I have everything; fame, money, and luxury, as well as stress and depression”.

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