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Hidden…..What’s Hidden Anyway?

In addition to the words that are hidden in these sentences, you also have to guess the category for this puzzle.

For those who might be new to this game, hidden in these sentences are words that belong to a particular category. The sentences are not clues to be solved but you have to look at the words carefully to discover the hidden nouns.

As a challenge try to post one similar puzzle sentence for the next person to solve.

Good luck!

  1. Mom warmed some oil to put in baby’s ear.
  2. His clothes looked a bit rumpled.
  3. Meg and Jo are characters of book, Little Women.
  4. Farmer Kelly drives a big red tractor.
  5. The promo did nothing to entice the audience.
  6. It’s better to ignore that rude audience that has no appreciation.
  7. It was hard to spot the hawk in giant forest trees.
  8. Do you know what is almandine colour?
  9. The naughty boy let out a blood curdling shriek.
  10. Hate speech will only stir fanaticism among masses.


What do you think?

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Written by Dawnwriter


  1. Aha – from the first two I knew the category: politicians! Actually, no: famous personalites 🙂
    1 Putin
    2 Trump
    3 Megan
    4 Merkel
    5 Modin
    6 Trudeau
    7 Hawking
    8 Salman
    9 Boyle
    10 ?

    TBH I’m not entirely sure who all of these are!

    • Excellent guessing Norman. The category actually was “People in the News” but your guess is close enough.

      Putin, Trump, Merkel, Modi, Trudeau, Hawking…I am sure you know who these are

      Megan ….actually a spelling mistake. it’s Meghan , teh lady who will be marrying Prince Harry.

      Salman is the Saudi King.

      Boyle is the movie director. He was in the news for some reason when I made the quiz. (Directing next Bond movie perhaps))

      Last one is Indian actor Irfan who worked in Life of Pi. He was in news because he is suffering from some rare disease.

      Just picked the names from BBC headlines 🙂

    • Excellent work Kim. You have done a great job. I thought it would be super difficult to guess the words without knowing the category.

      Stay tuned. if no one guesses the answers, i will reveal them soon.

    • Yes this one is a bit tough. But let’s see if I can make it easy.

      *I ran as fast as I could.

      Look at first two words and they spell a country…Iran.

      *The Raja panicked when he saw the army

      Can you find Japan in this sentence?