Hidden Art

Here’s another hidden puzzle.

For those who are new to this game, hidden in these sentences are names of words related to art. The sentences are not clues to be solved but you have to look at the words carefully to discover the a word that is related to  the field of art.

Discover the names and post them in comments but do not look at the answers submitted by other people before trying on your own.

As a challenge try to post one puzzle sentence with a hidden art- related word for the next person to solve.

  1. The slabs tractor was transporting were very heavy.
  2. My cousin Elmo’s a ice skating champion
  3. The lemur always looks a bit funny to me
  4. The spa in Trondheim is very expensive.
  5. Human heart is truly an amazing organ.
  6. The politician paid a lot of money to rig a midyear election.
  7. The bet Chase lost cost him a lot of money.
  8. Hassan didn’t want to be seen in Jaffre’s company.
  9. I don’t know if ramen can be cooked for dinner.
  10. Her past, I checked out, but her present is still unknown

Good luck and have fun!


What do you think?

Written by Dawnwriter


  1. Excellent work Norman. This is getting too easy for you. Next time, maybe I won’t mention the category.

    I have found the word in your challenge sentence but will leave it for others to discover.

  2. Very lots of fun!
    1. abstract
    2. mosaic
    3. mural
    4. paint
    5. artist
    6. origami
    7. etch
    8. fresco (or ninja!!)
    9. frame
    10. pastiche

    Origami was the hardest to find. Here’s my effort for the next player:
    Learn from the past, else fail in the future!