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I had no idea what Indexer was talking about so I read it a couple of times. Did a little research and learned some new information. I love it when I learn new things and that often happens here on Virily. I hope that Indexer doesn’t mind that I shared the song.

I imagine there are many more Scottish songs that I am not familiar with and have an interesting history.  I don’t know if that will be something I would write about and still I would be interested in seeing and listening to.

I imagine that is one thing that makes my time here pleasant. There is much diversity and I always learn something. It’s not perfect, but then nothing or no one ever is and it seems like we should be tolerant of that. Tolerance in learned over time and trials. There is no other way.

Humm, that turned into a bit of a ramble. I guess that is what happens when your brain and heart are busy with other concerns.

Hope you enjoyed the music.


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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. This is the ghastly American version that I feared someone would come up with! It is sung with far too much sentimentality and awful mispronunciations – such as “you’ll take” instead of “ye’ll tak”!

    This song should be sung with a proper Scottish lilt, at a decent speed, and preferably with bagpipe accompaniment!

  2. Wow, they have such perfect harmony. Music is such good food for our souls, and it is universal. I like that about the community here, many worlds come together. Thank you for the link. It broke my thought for today, took me to another level. Music always does that.


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