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Guess what! I received a payment from Virily!

All I can say is just fantastic. Yes I have been officially paid by Virily on the 24th of December, no less. I am so happy. I realize the amount is minimal but it boosts up my confidence that they do pay and that I am well on my way of earning more.

I just wanted also to give a big THANK YOU to Virily and to all the OTHER BLOGGERS out there who have helped this dream come true by reading, up voting and commenting on all my little presentations.

I also want to wish all of Virily and all the Virilyans a Fantastic Upcoming New Year.

Well, that’s it, that’s all folks. See you all in the coming year and again a VERY BIG THANK YOU to you all.


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    • Oh thank you for your nice comment and also for your update on Blue. I guessed I missed your last post on him. I try to check up on Virily every day but some days are so busy that I find I do not have the time. Happy New Year 2019 BTW. (My God how time flies). I hope you were one of the Virilyans who also received a payment before Christmas.

      • I think, we really can’t check all of our friends’ posts at any time, every day. So it’s only natural if you miss one or two posts, my friend.

        Yes, I also got a payment on the 24th and also posted one like this.

        Happy New Year, hopefully, all the best and luck are always with you.

  1. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I have to say the glory days of Virily might be over though. I received one payment and now I have been writing and commenting and so on and my bank has not moved for months. So I don’t know if I will stay around much longer. Just putting in the effort and nothing happens.


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