Greenville police officer assists a driver who needed his help

Greenville South Carolina Police Officer Ben Miller showed a truck driver who had run out of gas on a roadway on Wednesday that not police officers are monsters or bullies when someone is in trouble like a truck driver who ran out of gasoline on his way to work.

Officer Miller, 30, saw that the truck driver was sad that his truck ran out of gasoline and he was stuck on a busy roadway blocking traffic from going on their way.

The truck driver told Officer Miller that he only had six dollars to his name. Officer Miller then decided to first assist the truck driver get to a parking lot.

Then Officer Miller offered the truck driver who is a father of two children an offer that he could not turn down. Officer Miller offered to pay the truck driver to fill his truck with gasoline free of charge since the truck driver needed some assistance.

The truck driver thanked Officer Miller for his kind act of compassion since he admitted to Officer Miller that he has been in trouble with police officers in the past.

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A fellow Greenville police officer filmed the good act of Officer Miller that went viral on Facebook on their page to show the followers of that social media site that not all police officers are bullies and monsters dealing with citizens who need their help.


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  1. Back in the day, we’d call this type of story “human interest” and sadly this isn’t the type of story that does well in the media anymore… They’re more about “if it bleeds, it leads”