A 12 year old kid lawn mowing service is growing in leaps and bounds

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I have to give credit where credit is due with 12 year old Reginald Fields who has decided to make good use of his time by working with his relatives on cutting grass in his neighborhood.

Reginald is the owner of “Mister Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service” where he cuts lawns along with members of his family to make money so when he becomes an adult, he can start his own lawn cutting service.

Thanks to a small incident when Reginald accidentally cut the lawn of Lucille Holt. Holt called the local police to report the incident.

Reginald told the police that he did not see any marks to indicate where the Holt home border was so he could avoid cutting her lawn.

When the incident with Lucille Holt was shared on Facebook, “Mister Reggie’s Lawn Service” received many compliments from the customers around his community.

“Mister Reginald’s Lawn Cutting Service” received many compliments from the community to the point where Reginald and his relatives are now being asked to mow their lawns.

What I like about Reginald’s attitude is that he wants to help people in his community during the summer vacation because he likes to be outdoors working in a profession he truly enjoys.

I am sure Reginald will learn from his error not to cut grass in lawns that are not on his delivery route again.

But then again we are not perfect. Mistakes make us better persons to keep us walking on an even line on the road.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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