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For Virilians health is wealth

As seen from some posts uploaded here it is more than confirmed that for Virilians health is wealth  This is just a tip of the iceberg.  Almost all Virilians have talked about health in several of their posts. 

And with the present Covid-19 situation I see atleast one post written every day on health issues. 

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  1. I no longer have a position on Covid-19. At least things are more than bad here in Spain. There is progress, but it is very slow. I eat garlic onions every day. I have a saucer with chopped onions every night near my head. These are traditional folk remedies for influenza. I don’t know if they work with this virus.

    • We are on a 21 day lockdown And that, reports say, will help in checking the spread of the disease.
      We do hear disturbing news about Spain.

      There is a shortage here and there but we have to manage.

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