For the Record

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Just for the record, as soon as the conversation drops to name calling, I am out. Identifying negative or harmful behavior is one thing, turning into name calling is creating more harmful bad things. Let me share a couple examples so you might understand my strong reactions.

When Donald Trump called Elisabeth Warren, Pocahontas, the behavior was wrong, inappropriate, childish,  unsuitable,  inapt,  undesirable, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-judged and unacceptable in my personal opinion. The behvior can be attacked with out name calling and with all due respect. 

I understand that I have a very different view of most about this issue. I do not believe that “any good” ever comes out of simple name calling. I believe it makes the person doing the name calling appear to be acting in a petty and ignorant manner.

Can anyone here see the difference?


What do you think?


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