Everyone Comes with Baggage

It is important to know that everyone you meet and interact with comes with baggage. Their experiences, thoughts, feelings, from the past influence their perceptions. People react differently based on their past.

A young girl was bulled in our school. No one ever touched her. People called her names, used vulgar slurs, and made her feel like she had no value. It was simply words, that many forget they had even said  the next day. They were over it.

She took her life in front of us. I can still recall everthing that happend that day as if it was yesterday.

I vowed that I would never let someone do that to another person and just ignore it. Words can have more power than you know. I can forgive. I will never put myself in a position to stand silently when people say  hurtful words. I will stand for that young girl that taught us a lesson, at the cost of her life. 

So now you know some of the baggage I carry. Although I was very young and never bullied her, I didn’t stop anyone else from doing so. I will never make that mistake again.

I went to Montana and placed flowers at her grave again. It’s still too little, too late.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. Yes, I had the same treatment as that girl. In my teens I learned another lesson, that there is a
    God of love He is real and there is hope.
    And forgiveness.
    I had to forgive myself for being a victim but then I was never allowed to fight back
    It did not only happen at school but at home I got the same treatment.
    Its life for some
    Then you grow older and realise, Im one of many but I survived and yes, there is love and hope.
    It shaped me into learning to listen, and have compassion for others.
    You are right, doing something about it and standing up for victims is the right thing to do
    Dont feel bad, few ever have the courage to do that.

    • I have since stood up for many. I believe I was really too young to understand.

      I am glad you have recovered and turned it into helping others.

  2. I know you feel a sense of guilt but where are the teachers? I taught for a fairly short time, but I recognised that parents entrusted their children to me and was very pro active. In cases like this, the parents should bring a court case against the school … even if they don’t win, it will cause necessary changes in how teachers see their responsibility