Fate Can Be Kind – 11

This evening she’d walked into this bar (although that wasn’t what it was called) to have a Daiquiri. She had not had one for years.

She was sitting at the bar when she heard a voice.

A sneering annoyed voice, and recognised it.

Emma turned her head slightly, and yes! There, arguing with a much younger woman, who was leaving, stood an overweight, sloppily dressed, balding, loud mouth guy…Parker!.

Unmistakable;  that was Parker.

In twenty six years, she had gone from a size one to a size four but due to the gym and diet, she hovered between size two and size three.

Her hair wasn’t  as long as it had been when she was a girl, but  fell easily around her face, only slightly  dyed. Her complexion was good. She knew she looked forty-ish.

But Parker was a hideous facsimile of what he had  been. Not only was his physical beauty done, his once chiseled features surrounded by a puffy fat, not only was his voice corrupted by whine and sneer, but from his dress, he obviously was not doing well.


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Written by jaylar

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