Does your spouse REALLY listen to you?

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Hello, I have a good one here that us Women should really think about, does your spouse REALLY Listen to you? yes that’s right think about that. Those that are married or even in a LONG Relationship what is the MOST stressful thing your spouse does that gets under your LAST nerve with you? I can tell you that mine is when my husband doesn’t LISTEN to me. That just drives me totally over the top & then he says AFTER the fact this Yes I should have listened to you, you were right I should have know better I’m sorry, well it’s to late by then.

I am a Taurus the bull, I have a VERY high level of wisdom when it comes to my husband listening to me when I know what I’m saying is right & he thinks I’m just blowing it out of wack or going over board what I’m saying.Well let me fill you in on a little something that has happened over the yrs, 1st off we have been  married for 30 yrs, yes that’s PLENTY of time to get to know each other, but any way put yourself in this as if this was you o.k?

If for say your over your head in bills & have a limited amount of money to live on would you go & buy a car?NO I don’t think so, well mine has not once but TWICE ? I have tried everything I know to explain to him we CAN’T afford this & you know we can’t so WHY are you doing this? do you like living in debt or being broke?

I spent hrs after hrs trying to get through to him on such matters, & for the life of me he STILL don’t get it till he finds out what I was saying is right, but then again it’s TOO LATE & he says those magic words I hate I’m sorry I should have listened to you, I knew you were right, I just thought MAYBE I could handle it, REALLY?

Well Folks let me tell you NEVER think you can handle something if your not a 100% sure you can or notwhen it comes to your livelihood of what your living on, cause 9 out of 10 what you THOUGHT may notbe right & that’s where you get into trouble at EVERY TIME as he has found out on BOTH occasions. ?that does nothing but set your nerves on end with each other & sets you back in the credit dept, not good.

So how do you deal with this? if your spouse isn’t willing to listen & does what ever they do & later finds out that you were right all along? do you say “well I tried to tell you” or “you should have listened to me”or how bout “well it’s too late now, your on your own with this one when you knew I was right to start with “? Here’s a little bit of something we that have spouse’s that think they know it all should listen to & learn from.

Let me hear what you got to say about this & see if there’s something that can help those that havethis problem with their spouse’s that won’t listen, I know a few that is learning a few thing off this.

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