Falling Star – 11

Heath tried to unravel the knots which had taken him from being Ares, from being in magazines, and all over the Net to being invisible. Tried to understand how he could have been so significant that a Google of his name turned up five million hits, then dwindled to a few thousand.

Heath couldn’t or wouldn’t explore the how, just as he had ignored David’s warning.


How had he lost David, as if he were a paper towel, used, discarded. David.

So David disappeared, he went ‘on with the show’  and then the show ended. He ended. The great career of Heath Pine, ended with that’s how.

Sometime she wondered if it all wasn’t a dream or a nightmare.

How could he go from invisibility to being the cynosure of all eyes and then return to oblivion.

What was real?

This photo of a super star? Or this nobody looking into the mirror?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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