Falling Star – 10

Heath looked at the photo of him and David at the Sy Fy Conference. He remembered every word he had said. And David had left. He didn’t know or care exactly when David left, or where he went.

He was focused on himself. How he looked, how he moved, how the eyes of the fans touched him.

Days, weeks, and he didn’t notice that David did not contact him.

It is only looking back that he realised that  David never contacted him after that Conference. And he had made no effort to contact David.

A year passed from that moment, and Signs of the Zodiac was canceled. At the time it was a bit of a shoulder shrug. He assumed there were cabinets of roles that he would be offered.

But that didn’t happen.

So Z was canceled and he couldn’t find other roles. Not in movies, not on T.V.

In desperation he grabbed what was offered, a small role in another soap opera for less than a year.

A minor role, where he got little attention. And when it was over,nothing.


Nothing but one offs in plays so far off Broadway they were in other states.

And he never heard from David again.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar