A Woman Of Quiet Strength (Poem)

She is a woman of quiet strength
And undying faith,
She who sat beside me
At my Nonna’s funeral
She who listened as I grieved the loss of my best friend.
She this wonderful woman of God
Who one day walked into
Her daughters house to find her murdered.
She who lost her husband
Just a short time before
She entered my life,
Who raised children,
And great grandchildren.
She who encouraged me as Iwrote and published.
She who graciously allowed me to tell me her story
In my book With a Little Help,
I had been so worried about how I poetrayed it but she read it and gave me her approval.
She who prayed as my muscles grew weaker and my Spirit somehow grew stronger.
She who gave me the greatest gift anyone can give.

(C) Michelle Kidwell


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