A Crazy Journey – Part 16

Lorraine went to join her ‘friends’ who gushed and stammered, about their great Sean Pine. As far as they were concerned, the Con was over, although it continued to tomorrow.

She stayed with her ‘friends’, these women about her age who saw this nothing, this pompous nobody, Sean Pine, as if he were not merely a great actor but a brilliant human being.

In truth, he was a never was nobody.

Lorraine shared a meal at a fast food joint. Some were leaving, and she wondered if she should go or stay to tomorrow.

For them seeing Sean Pine was all there was. As this would be her first and last such convention, she would stay. She would stay and see whatever else, whoever else there was to see.

She walked back to her motel, arriving just before dark, and went in, and bathed, and watched television, then went to sleep.

She woke early, had breakfast. She returned to the venue of the Conference, very few of her ‘friends’, those women she had encountered on the Message Board, remained.

Lorraine, very much on her own, walked around, listened to other lectures.


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Written by jaylar

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