A Crazy Journey – Part 13

Lorraine re-entered the main room of  the Con, none of her new ‘friends’ asking her where she was, assuming she had gone with the other set. They were all babbling about Sean Pine and some wanted to look into the Hotel’s restaurant to see if he was there.

She saw that Sean was ‘on’ in thirty minutes so went into the lecture theatre and took a seat near the front. Others were already there, and the first four rows were filled.

She took the aisle seat in the fifth row.

Her friends pushed in and swarmed around her like bees on honey, and the noise went up a few decibels.

Then it was time!

Sean Pine was coming on the stage! The women shrieked as if they were thirteen years old at a Beatles concert.

He was very tall, he had an attractive shape. His face was quite beautiful. He sat on a stool and began to talk.This wasn’t the voice he used as his character, this was one of those pretentious mock English Lord kind of tones.

She kept her face bland, but felt as if she were seeing the curtain pulled aside in the Wizard of Oz.


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Written by jaylar

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