A Crazy Meeting – Part XII


Sean Pine, thinking that Lorraine was someone called Marlene, who shared his belief in Wicca, suddenly had a smile.

As Lorraine had been on a Message Board devoted to him, there was some explanation of his ‘religion’ and the practices.    Pulling on the memory she said

;“Wish you a happy Yuletide..”

His smile remained and he looked at the small plastic trees on sale,

“They don’t even know they celebrate a Wiccan festival…”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Lorraine said

.He began to talk, not as pompous as he had at the Science Fiction Convention, but with that sense of ‘Look at Me!’  like a little boy standing up in class, to show the teacher and the other children, he could recite a poem.

She noted other people giving him nauseated glances, but he wouldn’t notice anything but himself.


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Written by jaylar

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